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Sunday Evening Bible Address Schedule

Broadcast every Sunday
Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm CST (check time here)
(UTC Time Zone: +9:30 hours Summer Time: +10:30 hours)

Jan 3 Dave Hill Andy Pitcher A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping W
  10 Russell Li Luke Mansfield The Foundation and Framework of Bible Prophecy BE
  17 Dan Robinson Matt Archer What on Earth is Happening?
  24 James Evans Dan King How God Plans to Address the Mental Health Crisis
  31 Aaron Pitcher Justin Robinson What Jesus Meant by “Paradise” W
Feb 7 Wayne Jamieson Sam Martin What the Christadelphians Believe
  14 Special Effort
  21 Special Effort
  28 Jono Wigzell Des Manser Belief and Baptism – Essential for Salvation W
Mar 7 Sam Horwood Ray Edgecombe Explaining Daniel’s 4th Beast Vision BE
  14 Wayne Jamieson Trevor Dodson Why is Israel Small yet Significant?
  21  Business Meeting
  28 Saxon Bell Steve McGeorge How God Works by Prophecy and History BE
Apr 4 Easter Weekend
  11 Tim Bailey Grant Jolly The Reason Jesus Christ Died W
  18 Peter Dodson Judah Martin What is the Rapture?
  25 Reg Smith Andy Pitcher Reasons to Want God’s Kingdom
May 2 Rod Case Craig Stone Why we can Trust the Bible
  9 Shem Jamieson Phil Bell Israel’s National Revival Foretold by the Bible
  16 James Evans Rod Case Russian Military Actions Foretold by the Bible W
  23 Mark Duperouzel Josh Smith The Resurrection – God’s Solution for Life after Death
  30 Jono Wigzell Des Manser Who will Oppose Jesus Christ at his Second Coming? BE
Jun 6 Judah Martin Dave Gore God’s Promise in Eden – A Hope of Life W
  13 June Study Weekend
  20 Saxon Bell Elliot Wigzell How God will Restore the Environment
  27 David Reynolds Sam Horwood What the Bible says about Prayer  
Jul 4 Peter Dodson Justin Robinson God’s Promise to Abraham – A Worldwide Family W
  11 Andy McGeorge Roger Gore Bible Prophecy about Gog’s Rise and Fall BE
  18 Dave Hill Judah Martin What does ‘The Just will live by Faith’ mean?
  25 Dan Robinson Matt Archer What is Armageddon? BE
Aug 1 Jamin Wigzell TBA God’s Promise to David – An Immortal King W
  8 Russell Li Grant Jolly Do we still need to observe the Sabbath Day?
  15 Elliot Wigzell Josh Smith How the Great Earthquakes of Revelation Affect You BE
  22 Ethan McGeorge Phil Bell Are God’s morals still relevant in the modern world?
  29 Jesse McGeorge Sam Martin Why Pain and Suffering is Allowed by God
Sep 5 Ryan Dodson Tim Edgecombe Who are the 144,000 of Revelation 7? W
  12 Cameron Wigzell Craig Stone Rome’s Role in History and Why it Matters BE
  19 Business Meeting
  26 Judah Martin Dan King Why are Faith and Works important?
Oct 3 Andy McGeorge Luke Mansfield Is God One, Two or Three? W
  10 Mark Duperouzel Dave Gore The Signs of Our Times
  17 Combined Weekend
  24 Tim Bailey Justin Robinson What will happen when Jesus Christ returns? BE
  31 Rod Case Elliot Wigzell The Purpose of the Holy Spirit Gifts W
Nov 7 Ethan McGeorge Trevor Dodson The Bible Exposes the Real Anti-Christ
  14 Ryan Dodson Craig Stone Will Peace and Safety ever be Achieved in the Middle East?
  21 Jesse McGeorge Ray Edgecombe What is the Gospel?
  28 Cameron Wigzell Tim Edgecombe Failing Society – God offers a Positive Future
Dec 5 Shem Jamieson Rod Case Archaeology Proves the Bible True W
  12 Mark Duperouzel Greg Horwood God’s Kingdom Re-established in the Earth BE
  19 TBA Sam Horwood The Importance of the Birth of Jesus Christ
  26 Aaron Pitcher TBA Who goes to Purgatory?  

W – Workshop; BE – Bible Education Seminar

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