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Bible Discovery Channel is dedicated to preaching the Gospel through live and pre-recorded video and audio presentations based on the Bible - the Word of God. BDC is under the auspices of the Enfield Christadelphian Ecclesia.  We broadcast live video presentations each week via a streaming service and we are happy to make the details available to anyone who is interested. We trust that through these means, we can provide a service to people in remote areas or countries who are searching for the truth of the Word of God and we seek God’s blessing in this work.
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‘Russia on Israel’s Border A sign that Jesus Christ will Return’ Russia now has a military presence on the borders of Israel. How much longer until this prophecy is fulfilled? Will you be part of this kingdom of peace? Over 2,500 years ago, the Bible prophesied the rise of Russia as a major world power. The prophet Ezekiel spoke of a time when Russia and it’s allies would come down ‘like a storm’ upon Israel and would attempt to destroy them ... at which time Jesus Christ would return to earth to set up a worldwide kingdom of peace. EOYS 2018